McDermott Malaysia-Proposal Specialist

Proposals Specialist
Job Description

Basic Functions

– Manage the bid preparation process ensuring that Company procedures are followed.

– Implementation of the directions and strategy of the Management to the bid preparation


Tasks and responsibilities

Specific responsibilities of the Proposals Coordinator include but are not limited to the following:

– Review Tender Documents including the Instructions to Tenderers, Scope of Work, key Contract

Dates, Commercial price forms and terms of payment as a minimum.

– Initiate all required documents and pro-formas as detailed in the Level 2 Procedures.

– Co-ordinate the distribution of Documents via a document distribution matrix, utilizing both hard copy and electronic media.

– Co-ordinate Bid Kick off meetings in conjunction with the Bid Project Manager and schedule progress meetings as required.

– Ensure that the Bid development and bid inputs remain in accordance with the Capture Plan strategies developed in advance (or as subsequently revised).

– Monitor Engineering Bid Support Budgets and advise Manager of Proposals of any potential –overruns.

– Establish the Bidding Schedule and communicate requirements to all inputting departments.

– Update schedule as required in the event of extensions being granted.

-Monitor progress of the Bidding activity and highlight concerns to the Manager of Proposals.

– Set up and maintain a Bid Clarifications register to log and monitor all pre-bid correspondence for Major Bids.

– Review and identify any inconsistencies in the Invitation to tender Documents. In particular ensure that the Commercial price form and Unit Rates schedules are clear and if necessary

seek clarification from the Customer.

– Convene (if necessary) a unit rates meeting to ensure the definitions and principles of the unit rates are understood by all affected groups.

– Co-ordinate receipt of and issue requests for Clarification. Distribute clarification responses and Bid Addenda as received from the Customer.

– Direct and provide guidance to the Assembly coordinators for the compilation of the Proposal Document intended for submission to the Customer. Establish in advance requirements for

Binders, inserts, Cover pages, labels, envelopes and storage cases for final delivery.

– Ensure that the relevant Division or General Manager (or his assigned delegee) has approved

– Commercial inputs that are used in the final Bid.

– Review commercial inputs and check that there are no significant errors, inconsistencies, oversights, and that the execution plan inputs are in accordance with the Capture plan

strategies. Highlight any concerns to the relevant inputting contact.

– Ensure that inputs are received in the requested format.

– Expedite inputs to ensure that the bidding schedule is not jeopardized.

– Run Monte Carlo @Risk Analysis

– Conduct Cash Flow analysis as required

– Prepare Technical / Commercial qualifications listing for review.

– Prepare all reports and Cost Summaries as defined in the procedure document to satisfy

– Management bid review requirements.

– Provide input to various reports associated with the Business Development Group.

– Review regularly the Proposal Document, to ensure that the requirements of the Customer are fully satisfied in terms of format, content and consistency.

– Ensure the correct delivery arrangements have been made and confirmed in advance as required.

– In the event a spreadsheet is developed with the Proposals group to assist in quantifying the size (e.g. tonnage) or the cost of the Bid, it is the Coordinators responsibility to ensure that the

Spreadsheet is cross checked by others to ensure no latent formulae errors exist. This practice however shall be employed sparingly.

Job Requirements


· Bachelors Degree in business, finance, math, engineering or related disciplines


· 3+ years in oil and gas industry


· Ability to work under pressure on multiple projects, ability to prioritise and compile proposal documentation within time schedules agreed, proactive nature and ability to work

efficiently in teams and alone.

· Above average Microsoft Excel skills.

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