McDermott Malaysia-Senior Estimator

job Description of senior estimator

Basic Functions

Provide benchmarking analysis for estimate validation. Review and validate the inputs from functional departments and ensure that they are free of errors, Omissions and double dip. Identify optimizations. Check whether inputs are in accordance with the ITT requirements, clarifications and addendums. Ensure management strategy for the bid is followed through out.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Review past projects, analyze the cost, man hour content and other aspects of estimates and proposals in order to provide data that will assist management in gaining confidence in estimates for new bids and help in deciding the level of mark ups, analyzing risk factors & impacts and exposures, etc.
  • Update and Maintain Statistics on the Benchmark indices and KPl’s
  • Read and understand the complete scope of work for the whole project.

  • Identify and recommend optimization cost saving measures during bid proposal stage.

  • Coordinate and assists, where necessary with the departmental and Principal estimators to ensure that estimates are completed in a timely manner and cognizant to the “Bid Win Strategy”

  • Review departmental estimates to ensure estimates are as per scope of work, accurate, free from errors and omissions, consistent with the bid strategy, consistent with the companies benchmarking information.

  • Provide assistance to Proposal Coordinators in cross checking of errors in the EBS templates.

  • Review and check all Subcontract RFQ’s and MTO’s are provided in accordance with the bid price form provided by the client.

  • Identify and list all subcontract work requirements and prepare a responsibility assignment matrix and send to Proposals for inclusion in the Action List.

  • Read the validation check list and make sure all project bid scope and specification requirements are in line with the estimates.

  • Collect and maintain actual PMT cost incurred for completed projects from PMT and incorporate in the benchmarking for current and future project bids.

  • Collection and Maintain historical data for Marine Installation, Miscellaneous cost, Subcontracts, Fabrication, Hook Up and Commissioning.

  • Read all bidders clarifications and responses from client and make sure all respective functional disciplines have incorporated impacts, if any into their estimates.

  • Review and evaluate Major Subcontract Work quotes in coordination with Engineer or estimator responsible for TBE as well as CBE and prepare benchmarks and/or commercial cost comparisons between OH and IH estimates, as required.

  • Check double dips, errors, omissions, optimization from all the estimate input deliverables.

  • Maintain a log of all latest Input deliverables list and continue tracking till due date of bid submission.

  • Understand the Hook Up and Marine Strategy and make sure that there are no clashes with the schedules within the bid and other bids or booked work.

  • Prepare Henk Table to identify optimizations/synergies of Marine and Hook Up Vessels utilizations..

  • Identify and prepare benchmarks for inclusion in the Bid Review Package for Local Management Review.

  • Attend bid progress meeting and provide information to the disciplines what has been discussed (when required)

  • Make sure that estimates are prepared in accordance with JRM Level 2 procedures.

  • Preparing OME’s and Category “C” costing which do not require functional inputs.
  • Assist Leads and co-coordinators in the preparation of bid, especially in checking the accuracy of the cost rack up and preparation of unit rates.
  • Provide Business Development with inputs on bids for the database files.
  • Fill up the validation checklist.
  • Adherence to the Level 2 Procedure for Benchmarking / Validation (not available).
  • Contribute to Lessons Learnt database for in-house improvement and update check list as a follow up.

Job Requirements


– Diploma in Engineering or a related discipline

-5+ years in the oil & gas industry


– Prior financial modeling and benchmarking experience preferably in the oil & gas industry

-Above-average Microsoft Excel skills.

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