Wood Turkey-Painting and Insulation Supervisor

Overview / Responsibilities of Painting and Insulation Supervisor

Wood is currently recruiting for a Painting and Insulation Supervisor to be based in Izmir, Turkey to work on the construction of the STAR Aegean Refinery. This position will be on a Fixed Term Contract basis and is expected to run until April 2018.
 The STAR Aegean Refinery is a greenfield complex crude oil refinery in the Izmir region with the capacity to process 214,000 barrels of crude oil per day. It comprising various process units including Crude and Vacuum, Coker, MEROX, Hydrocracker, Diesel Hydrotreatment, Naphtha, Amines & SWS, Sulfur and CCR. This project is being executed by an EPC Contractor and Wood is delivering Project Management Consultancy services to STAR for this prestige project.

  • Maintaining close liaison with other discipline supervisors working in the area in order to coordinate all classes or work in the area
  • Ensure subcontractor activities are carried out in accordance with the approved Subcontractor Quality Plan
  • Ensuring that safe working practices relating to Insulation and Painting works are adhered to by close liaison with the Safety Officer, then informing him of proposed work areas and activities
  • Monitoring daily progress within the area of assignment and keeping records of quantities installed
  • Inspecting the quality of work on a day-to-day basis and ensuring that drawing data and specifications are adhered to. Update drawings and specifications to reflect ‘As Built’
  • Closely scrutinise manpower levels and anticipate requirements. Keeping daily records of manpower and events and report if manpower levels affect programme
  • Raising Field Instructions where required to record any variations from the original Scope of Work, informing the Quantity Surveyor of any such variations
  • Monitoring material deliveries and anticipate requirements
  • Ensuring fully detailed documentation of all activities are raised and completed prior to Handover
  • Checking that all materials used comply with the relevant specifications, standards, drawings, documents and product data sheets
  • Checking that the correct material and thicknesses are applied for the designated service and cladding is of the correct grade, gauge and profile (i.e. flat sheet or corrugated)
  • Ensure that pipework and equipment have the correct finish, including wash down and barrier, prior to application
  • Ensuring that pipework and equipment have been tested and all certification / documentation have been completed
  • Ensure that the ‘Release for Application’ Certificate has been approved prior to work commencing
  • Ensuring that adequate precautions are taken to protect the works from weather and other hazards during application
  • Checking surface preparation is acceptable prior to paint application
  • Checking material application is correct for the wet and dry film thickness, number of paint coats and colour codes
  • Ensuring all necessary test equipment is used to prove profile, temperature, dew point, humidity prior to application

Skills / Qualifications

  • Extensive track record managing erection of Painting and Insulation within Oil & Gas or Refinery sector
  • Fluent in reading, speaking and writing the Turkish language
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Considerable experience of supervising Construction staff to achieve effective construction execution
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